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Membership Meetings


Next membership meeting is

Thursday, February 2nd at 7pm

Location TBD


The following was posted on our Facebook Page:

“The PAHA Facebook Page is for informational purposes only. From here on out all comments posted to a post will be deleted immediately, no matter what they say. If you have a question or a concern you can message the page privately, email PAHA at or contact a board member directly. We appreciate your input, but this page is not the place where it is to be shared. Thank you”

The Board of Directors strongly feels that our page is for informational purposes only. It is to get show bills and event flyers out there. 

A new group on Facebook has been created by the association "PAHA MEMBERS ONLY".

This is a group where PAHA Members can discuss things going on in the association such as shows, fundraisers, the banquet and any other events coming up. Other discussion is allowed as long as it’s kept drama free. For sale adds or event flyers from outside the association are allowed but will be monitored.

Watch your INBOX for PAHA Newsletters. 

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